. THINGS ARE FULL OF LANGUAGE – (I think about objects.) first writing post for an act of perception

quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2021

They are very vivid and alive, since they are pure language. 

When I talk about literature, when I talk about prose and narrative, the movement of this inner INT/EXT magma is what counts. The spirit. No. Nothing more. 

We should think about something else: when I say LIT ERA TURE 

    I speak about something else, and this further impredictable and indetermined place to happen, in beyond, is not the usual: the oddity. 

That’s a huge and vast (geological, natural, material, inconsciousness, vegetal, animal etc) way of losing itself. Not that easy, this, and can be said as any ohther effect… But something is certain: influidity, indeterminancy, being strange and out of culture. These are books we can talk about.